River Still Be


River Still Be

There is something about water and its all,
Fascinated me from as far back as l can recall,
Be it a fast surge, whirlpool or simply a slowing crawl,
Water flowing as it can brings me to peace,
Deep streams, brooks and the seas award me release,
From troubled mind and feelings of unease,
Like the waters l do, and those of a tranquil lake,
Where l can see within, not the ones which are opaque,
Allows me time to think and reflect life’s mistakes,
Imagination runs wild when caught in the swirling,
Thrashing, foamy waters of a fall or a spring,
Not sure why, but it’s like a form of teasing,
Like a rabbit caught up in the lamps of an approaching car,
Bubbling waters pulling me forwards, it’s bizarre!
My soul crying through time from now and afar!
Lost in the crystal clarity of the waters ‘silence,
Drawn into its calming innocence,
Visions of serenity within the loneliness!
Unsure am l why this is all so,
Or what it is that draws me to the flow,
Just an acceptance of where it wants me to go,
Sweetness it has and a natural living charm,
Knowing am l, that l should not feel alarmed,
Mirroring thoughts and images of no real harm,
Perhaps the lost secrets of river still be,
Brooding and trembling waters are not misery,
Just looking into oneself and seeing the real me?

© Rory Matier 2012


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