M.M.H.B Challenge – Mystery




Many say l may not have existed!

I became a legend.

Our clan numbers ranged from 25 – 48 people.

We lived in a cave for 25 years.

The family killed hundreds of unwary souls and travellers.

We ate what we killed and pickled what we didn’t!

We evaded justice for years and years!!

Of all the people we killed, only one managed to escape!

A King led the party to search and capture of us!

Many of the clan were executed in a terrible fashion!

My family were not the only cannibals from where we lived!

7 thoughts on “M.M.H.B Challenge – Mystery

  1. Okay I KNOW this story (a version of it anyway)…it’s British folk lore (or reality) about a group of highway men who garnered their victims that way….something about a woman and man who were thieves or outlaws of their time, who moved into these caves and set up housekeeping, had children and taught the children their ‘trade’ as well as having human flesh (and parts) as food. The children grew up never knowing cannibalism is abhorrent and wrong; and when some were eventually captured, there was a huge controversy about whether or not the second (and third) generations from that original couple were guilty, as they never knew any better. I say Sawney Bean (I mean that’s the Scottish one anyway) too.

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