Cavern of Surprises

Cavern of Surprises – Spooky Tales – Teresa – The Haunted Wordsmith

The Haunted Wordsmith

“You heard what Mr. M said today in class about the Hellfire Caves over there in the UK, where they held orgies and performed occult rituals, right?”

“Well, yeah, duh. I mean I learned about them a long time ago, but what does that have anything to do what we’re doing?”

“Danville has its own caves, stupid. My grandpa told me they used to be called the cavern of surprises.”

“Is this the same grandpa who thought it was a good idea last month to shear the cow and try to milk the horse?”

“Well, yeah….hey, shut up!”

“Is he out of the hospital now?”

“Yeah, came home yesterday. Now, be quiet and look. See that symbol over there on the wall?”


“Go push it.”

“What! No! Why?”

“It’s a door.”

“Then you do it! I’m not goi — alright, alright, didn’t need to shove that hard man. Sheesh.”

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