I’m Over the Moon with the Over-the-Knee Boots Trend

Boots made for walking, talking and gawking – another great article post from Lady D 🙂

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These boots are not made to walk all over you. They are a dream catcher. For all of you ladies who dream to elongate your legs. Don’t wear these though if the temperature drops below -10C. Otherwise all you’ll catch is a cold!
Let’s be practical and realistic. Most of us can’t buy 10 pairs of boots. We shouldn’t either. I think 3 pairs is a reasonable number. One pair for everyday (i.e. ankle boots or knee-high boots that you can wear with almost everything), one pair that is made to walk in the snow (and warm enough so you won’t freeze your butt off) and another one for special occasions. The over-the-knee-boots fit this last category, obviously. I’m currently obsessing over the coming back of this trend, and you should be too. Over-the-knee-boots can elevate the simplest outfit. Still having cold feet? Take a look at the selection I’ve…

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  1. Thank you Rory. Again! My hubby is really sick at the moment so I might have to take a break from blogging for a while. I wanted you to know it so you wouldn’t worry about me and also not wonder why I was not visiting your blog as much as usual. I know you are going through a lot too right now. Hopefully, things will get better soon for both of us. Stay strong.

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