M.M.H.B Challenge – Mystery




Can you guess what am l with these 10 facts alone? There is only one answer that l seek, although points will be awarded should you reveal more detail.

I was born in 1860

All l knew was that it was in the cellar, that’s all l knew!

My Father made caskets.

Despite our wealth, we lived below the average household for the time.

I was more of a social butterfly than many thought.

My Father was not the most popular person in our town!

When is a kill not a kill? When it is overkill!”

I was found not guilty, because l wasn’t guilty!

It was my inheritance, so why the controversy?

I was the only one at my funeral!

7 thoughts on “M.M.H.B Challenge – Mystery

      1. Lol…sorry, but I know my US killers. The only story that creeped me out (and still does) is the Viscilla Axe Murder. Oh, and it was the overkill and innocent clues that gave it away (to me at least).

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