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Thar She Blows Mr Qwerty!

My keyboard is broken, and how? Did l fling it in frustration, did l sit on it, fall upon it? Nay, l fell asleep on it last night . My head twacked it as l fell in slumber and drooled!

I have noticed that if l take my new tablets and look through my Father’s paperwork at all the thousands of sheets, my concentration is so hyperfocused that it deadens my brain. I was quite busy yesterday with this paperwork of his, l must try and sort out important documents which is like trying to find the golden needle in the haystack. My Father kept everything on paper .. absolutely everything, and not just in one copy but many a time in triplicate. Sometimes the most blandest of document is in triplicate.

Most of it l have to shred as well due to the content, so in addition to reading thousands upon thousands of words, l must try and find what l am looking for and then put that into one pile and have the rubbish in the other pile. I spent 12 hours looking through paperwork yesterday alone and so come around 9pm, l was absolutely shattered, the clocks went back over the weekend as well, so my body must adjust to that to boot.

But currently l have a keyboard that is not playing ball with me and is refusing to backspace as well as refusing to produce double letters in words.  I cannot actually see how this has happened, but it is very frustrating. It means l must completely and utterly check everything l write and more so if for instance l write the word ‘letters’, to achieve that word now l have to wait an additional second to hit the key again, as the board will not instantly produce the letter automatically. More confusion as well as l now have a second keyboard attached and the same problem is occuring?

Maybe it’s my fingers which are the problem? Can see this is going to be one of those days! especially with the amount l had plans on posting. If l type slowly it doesn’t appear to occur, but when l say slower l mean type much slower than even normal slow speed!

However, last night, at around 9pm, l said enough was enough and l then sought to do some posting, then l fell asleep, repeatedly in my chair till 3am, or rather 2am with my head on the keyboard and before Suze went to bed, she kept trying to wake me up and tell me l should go to bed, for me to answer her with, l just need to write these two posts, which were the Spooky Night All and my postdated ‘Creepy Day All‘ post, which l failed with any quality. At 3am, or rather 2am, l woke up once more, lifted my head off the keyboard and then managed to type up my morning post, albeit in a very brief format and then staggered into bed.

So if anyone wondered why there was no good night post, that was why. Now l have two keyboards on my desk and neither of them seemingly work when it comes to backward deletion and producing double letters. Which l assure you is quite frustrating.  I feel it’s going to be one of those weeks, l have so much that l want to do, and yet come Wednesday night l wil be back at my Father’s house until the weekend sorting out as much as l can with regards his estate, before Suze goes to Australia and l will be off the grid for 17 days until her return. With two dodgy keyboards at my disposal l can see this being very taxing on my patience.

Dear Blog ……

10 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 08.35 – 29/10/18

  1. In terms of making reading easier, I use a solid-coloured ruler or bookmark so the eyes don’t become distracted by the lines above and below – saves some frustration. Hopefully.

    1. Hey Stubby, yes, dad died on the 18th. Luckily he didn’t experience any pain towards the final end, so that was a blessing for him – hope you are keeping well 🙂

      1. That’s sad to hear mate. Been kept busy with various things. Also I think I am going insane I write posts in my mind to put here and never get to do it lol. Have missed you though. Did you find peace with dad in the end of it all?

        1. Sadly not, too many questions unanswered, but l am learning more about him through the ton of paperwork l have here. I am just thankful, that maybe he has peace now.

        2. It is a tough thing to think about (the afterlife) does it bring peace or damnation does it exist or not. If that is what you feel helps you that is good. Unanswered questions are hard. Hopefully you can move forward knowing that you may never get them

        3. My honest opinion Stubby is l don’t know. In a real hard core answer, l would say his death is his death. If death has found him the peace he sought for all these years, not wanting to be alive any more, then yes l would say that he has finally found his peace.

          Ironically, through his paperwork, many of the questions l have had are being answered. Things he lied about for years, he forgot would unfurl in his documents, so questions are now being rewarded with answers 🙂

    1. Hey Ruby, l don’t know in truth. I went to my settings and found that l had a setting ticked in my ‘easier access centre’ that wasn’t ticked by me well not knowingly, but l did fall asleep on my keyboard last night, so l pressed something l am guessing. But l found that the topic of ‘turn off filter keys was ticked’, now l have unticked it and my keyboard is working marvelously, and oddly enough way better than it was before the error ha ha 🙂

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