Creative Mind Award Nomination


My heartfelt thanks go to Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith for awarding me with this award. Now if you don’t know, this particular award was in fact created by Teresa herself, and its very ethos if you wish is as follows:

This award comes with no obligations and no people to tag. While I don’t mind awards that do, it is often nice to receive something that is truly meant as a symbol of appreciation.

The Creative Mind award is awarded to bloggers who show great creativity in their posts. Posts that make you go WOW!

If you are not yet familiar with The Haunted Wordsmith’s blog, then l strongly suggest that you pop over to visit Teresa now, right this minute and check her out. She is an incredibly versatile writer, and remarkably creative and totally worth your viewing time, you’ll not leave disappointed.

Now this award is different to the others … it goes like this – it doesn’t take hours, and hours and hours and yet more mind numbing hours of thinking of questions to ask or to answer, about making sure the images are spot on the button or about writing a novella of information that data protection might like to hear about – it’s simpler than that, the title gives it away in truth – it’s about choosing blogs which inspire you through their creativity and creative inspiration.

I will not deny that it is still going to be hard to pick because l am surrounded by a plethora of marvelous crazies and that makes selection … difficult, not impossible … but difficult all the same. So without further ado …

“Hey, l Appreciate your Uniquely Creative Mind and my selected blogs are …

Mel of Crushed Caramel

Lady D of 3C Style

Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind

If you are not yet familiar with these bloggers l am surprised, no seriously l am, they are all individually creative and unique in their own ways, so now go on, pop along and visit them. They don’t bite, well maybe one might!

23 thoughts on “Creative Mind Award Nomination

        1. Hey Mel,


          Truth is, l am filled with stress and a nervous tension, the paperwork is overwhelming, and the whole process has just begun in reality, got the clearance of the house to sort, a Sister who thinks she knows the whole procedure but is clueless, a shoulder that is only not painful when l take enough medication to stun a bull elephant and the list goes on 🙂

          Apart from that l am aok 🙂

          Just keeping myself busy 🙂

        2. I think l am through the worst of the paperwork, mind you there is so much of it, l could be wrong ha ha! 🙂

          Today l had to sort through 9 A4 Lever arch files pertaining to my Sister’s divorces from two husbands and l was like WTF am l doing this?? Because my Dad controlled my Sisters life and it wound up in his paperwork which he never sorted 🙂

          Oh well, once it’s done it’s done 🙂

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