The Seance

Anyone for a seance…?

The Haunted Wordsmith


Junior had a little trepidation about going to the psychic at the fair with the other guys. Sure, he knew that stuff isn’t real–usually. Their tent was probably filled with all kinds of hokey Halloween decorations on fishing line that would pop out at the right moment. Sammy and Gary were so set on going though, he knew he would end up going to. And he was right.

As the trio walked down the midway of Mister Y’s Phantasmagoria Midnight Carnival, they looked at all the weird people who worked as barkers. None were what you would expect, and the Madame Hilda was the same. Junior stopped dead in his tracks as the most hauntingly beautiful woman he had ever seen stepped out of the tent wearing a long black dress with silver trim and a pentagram stitched over her heart with blood red thread.

“Guys I have a bad…

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