Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller – dare you read to find out your fate?

The Haunted Wordsmith

Johnny and Jackie had looked forward to the carnival coming to town all year. This year they were going to go all in and finally ride the Screamer. The ads guaranteed a hair-raising good time as the abominable snowman chased the coaster through the Himalayas.

Opening night. Tickets in hand. Johnny and Jackie flew out of the house, through the ticket gate, and straight to the Screamer. They must have been too short last time the carnival came through because they weren’t allowed to ride. Hopefully they grew over the year.

“Oh, man, this is going to be so fun!”

“I know, Jackie. They have to let us on this year!”

Screams and laughter intensified the air as they crept along with the line toward the ride. Waiting in line was nerve-wracking. They could finally see the front of the line and the barker.

“Same guy as last year,”…

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