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Save the last laugh for me!

I cannot help but feel that Dad may have done this deliberately with regards his paperwork. None of the content in the image was saved to his computer, it is fair to say that my Father had no digital footprint whatsoever, and that includes as his own platform for storage.  If he received an email, he printed it off and then deleted it in his computer. The image below shows the amount l am to sort through, and bear in mind that in the few days l was there l hadalready  sifted through a quarter of what the image shows and that has been binned.

I was astonished to see an argument my Father had with the people who carry out the maintainence of the properties where he lives. In 2001 he believed he had been overcharged on one figure and for the next sixteen years he argued this issue, and finally went to court last year, lost the case and had to then pay out £12,000 plus costs, so the total payout was closer to £18,000 and the charge this was over you ask? Oh yeah, that was £895!!

The paperwork trail on that involved him making three entire copies of the 16 years to paper and then store in files. My Dad has paperwork in these files stretching back 1991! I have to go through everything to find the pieces of information we need for the solicitors.

My Father, supposedly an orderly, methodical and tactical man had no reason to the way he stored any of his documents and important paperwork and all that has happened is we now have  a truck load of paper to sift through to the find the answers to make it easier for the solicitors and more importantly cheaper. The solicitors if they had to sift through this would charge us an absolute fortune.

I remember back in June of this year, a conversation with my Father where upon he said ‘Face the facts l am dying, and soon you will have to face the facts of that too!” I reflect back on that line and wonder if her meant this debacle of paperwork. In a phone call with my Sister he paid mention to he hadn’t sorted out the paperwork for probate, and l remember thinking back then when my sister told me it didn’t matter, that she was clueless and that potentially this could be a really big problem!

Oh well, shit happens eh, gotta laugh.


Dear Blog ……


13 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 11.29 – 27/10/18

  1. What a massive amount of paperwork! It’s a habit with some people, that they can’t break. My husband stores everything in triplicates.

    1. Oh yes, that would be a huge hurdle to cross.. It is a nightmare, made worse by the fact that there was no logical approach to any of it. No index, just paper in cupboards, units, table tops, wardrobes and on and on lol! 🙂

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