Creepy Day All




Creepy Day everyone – well here we are on the 27th October 2018 – for the next 4 days till the 31st October – Halloween is upon us – Monster Mash Halloween Bash Greetings to y’all! I will be back in front of my screens at some point today, so have a great day all!

We are going to have a busier day today than yesterday, when due to the absolute slowness of my Father’s 1] computer and 2] internet connection, l couldn’t do anything at all. But what do we have on for today? Well ……..

A Spooky Tales challenge, as well as a new Halloween Recipes challenge, another part [5] to our top 100 horror films, a new Halloween Charades as well as a Halloween Mystery, some more spooky and eerie facts, another Dear Blog episode and a few other goodies for everyone hopefully to enjoy 🙂

DAY 12

Raging Rory & Scary Doodlepip

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