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“Yes hello, is that Roxanna?” I asked, as soon as the ringing stopped and the phone answered.

“Yes who is this?” The low down voice answered.

“It’s Rory.”

Oh yes hello Rory.”

“Are you ill Roxanna, not very well, you don’t sound too good?” I enquired.

“Don’t you know why?” She asked.

“No, should l? Sadly l am not a mind reader.”

“Your Father he died so suddenly and unexpectedly!”

Well admittedly this stumped me a little. “No he didn’t, Roxanna, he had terminal cancer, there was nothing unexpected about his death, he was dying, and he therefore died and now he is dead.”

“Yes, but it was unexpected you know?”

“No, l have just told you, he was terminally ill and l thought you knew this as you have been told many times over the last few months, he had liver and bowel cancer and he was told himself he probably would not last six months.”

“You are not telling the truth, he did not have cancer, he would have said! Are you not upset at the suddeness of it all?”

“No, because l knew he was going to die, he was dying, he died because he WAS dying!”

I was beginning to wish l had never rung her, l told my sister l didn’t want to ring the woman, however l had to. She had said at one point she wanted to adopt Squishy Cat, but something had fallen through and she couldn’t. But my sister’s contact for Squishy had let her down and couldn’t take her!

I am back at home now, and l am bedraggled, not just because of trying conversations like the one above with dim witted neighbours. I have mentioned these neighbours before, they were the ones causing confrontational problems for the staff looking after dad. So how they didn’t know he was dying is/was quite beyond me, but then right towards the end dad was adamant that he was suffering from a urine infection, so there is a goodly chance that dad was still in denial!

I have got to find a home for Squishy cat, as l feel my sister has lost interest in sorting out the estate, she did organise the funeral and wake, and of course she catered to dad’s needs for the last two weeks of his life quite intensely. However, she is currently broke, and quite simply cannot afford to drive up all the time now as dad isn’t there to ‘assist’ her the way he was doing. Now she just wants to sell the house as quickly as she can, but hasn’t got the energy to empty the contents of the house, so l feel this may fall into my lap.

But l don’t like the idea of poor old Squishy being left on her own in the house. I tried the cat rescue here, but they were not interested and basically said because she is 16, the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep! That was bollocks and l told them so, she still has a great life in her, and PTS was not the remedy! So now, l have to find Squishy a new home in addition to everything else l am doing. At least l have got someone in to feed her whom can be trusted to not pilfer anything from dad’s house, and will continue to feed her, and check on her and the house until she is rehomed, so that is one stress l don’t have to worry about.

I am not long home, we got back here at 9.22pm and we haven’t bothered to empty the car yet that can wait till the morning. The journey back took us just over two hours.

I have come back with roughly 40 huge A4 lever arch files of paper that l must sort out between now and Monday before l ring the solicitors to appoint them to dad’s estate and work on our behalf. I had to explain to my sister that we would not be able to avoid probate because of the size of my father’s estate and assets. So she became quite grumbly after that. I am most surprised at her reaction – how could she not know some of these things??

However this weekend, l do have to tackle the mountain of paperwork that our father left us to sort through. It’s a nightmare if ever there was a nightmare.

Oh well, as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Dear Blog ……


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    1. Hey Paula, we couldn’t bring Jacqui into the household due to our dog, it would not be fair to either animal. Scrappy can be tempermental at times and Jacqui is scared of dogs to boot, so it is not a great combination.

      What Jacqui needs is someone who doesn’t have any pets what so ever but wants an elderly companion 🙂

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