Dear Blog … 08.51 – 26/10/18


Squishy cat and things!

Dad had/Dad has

There is a cat here that belonged to Dad, might be the right way to say it. I mean it was Dad’s cat, and still is Dad’s cat, but just because Dad is dead – even though he died, to say he is dead sounds wrong, but he is dead. doesn’t make the cat less of his cat. Perhaps l should say there is a cat in the house of Dad.

In truth there are many cats here, Dad was a collector of Tigers, and there is a huge assortment of Tigers here, not stuffed Tigers but toy Tigers. Where l am currently sat in the dining room, there are a family of Tigers alone, the biggest probably measures about 4 feet in length and she/he is surrounded by a further 6 tigers. Nevermind all the other Tigers scattered around the house which is including framed pictures 87, but toy Tigers l guess it is 40 of assorted sizes.

However Squishy cat as l call her is actually Jacqui, who at my calculations is now about 16 years of age. I know this because l gave her to Dad when was she a mere kitten of four months in 2002. Jacqui bless her has to be rehomed, which is proving not difficult but awkward. My sister has a home for her, but Jacqui has always been outside and not easy to capture. When she has been inside she becomes a demon and my sister has received some very nasty scratches. Squishy l think is more of a man’s companion as she is alright around me, but l am not the rehomer, the best l can do is keep her from getting out of the cat flap and make her ready for my sister’s capture.

Squishy is an outdoor cat and doesn’t like being cooped up, which l can understand.  However in order for her to be rehomed, she doesn’t have that choice. However, why do l call her Squishy? Because she shits for England!!! Thankfully she has chosen the bathroom and it’s bath and lino floor as her litter tray – NO – l know that is not good – but at least she does it in one place and not over the carpetted areas.

I awakened this morning to three poos in the bath and three on the floor! Considering l brought her in at 9pm last night, and l got up at 7am this morning, l didn’t actually go to bed until around 3am, and she didn’t once notion the idea she wanted to go out, so in the space of 4 hours she managed to do six runny poos!

She needs a more stable environment with less stress, she must be stressed with the upheaval of Dad no longer being here, and her routine was terribly broken in the closing weeks prior to Dad’s death, and more so due to my sister bringing her dog Moppy with her and therefore spoiling Jacqui’s territory and routines.

Anyway, Jacqui Squishy cat is currently enjoying her breakfast and l have had mine, and now on to more paperwork sorting, oh the tales l could write about from here, and l will, maybe l will catch you later on today with the another episode of Dear Blog.

Dear Blog


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