Truly Inspired Series 2 – Isn’t It Your Turn Now?



Have you seen my Truly “Inspired Series?

Here are our last 4 Interviews

Life Lessons From Around The Dinner Table

Cage Dunn


Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

Would you like to be interviewed and tell the readerships what inspires you to write?

Why do you blog? What’s your story? What do you wish to deliver to your own audience?

Why do you keep blogging? What inspires you to do so every time to sit poised ready to make a new post?  Let us know or perhaps you might know another blogger who might like to share their story?

It’s a simple process and doesn’t take that long … so what are you waiting for?

Currently we number 47 ,…

… are you number 48?

Would you like to be?

Series 2 Questionnaire

Drop me an email here

Thanks – Rory

3 thoughts on “Truly Inspired Series 2 – Isn’t It Your Turn Now?

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  1. Er, does that tag above mean you nominated me to write on/for your 2nd Series? Did I do your first one? In any case, I found the 21 questions intriguing and answered them and will send them along to you after I get a minute to do that. Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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