Eerie Facts and Spooky Quotes



Eerie Facts


It takes about 10 minutes to drown in saltwater!


November is the most popular month for the birth of serial killers!!


People with Fregoli Delusion believe everyone they meet is the same person in disguise!


A hitchhiking robot, designed to travel North America simply on the kindness of strangers, was found decapitated in a ditch just 2 weeks into the experiment!!


Spooky Quotes


“When your dream turns into a nightmare, rise to the challenge and slaughter the dragons”
Bangambiki Habyarimana 
“I awoke to a daymare. Life.”
Brian Spellman
“I’m suddenly finding it hard to know the difference between nightmares and consciousness.”
Lauren DeStefano, Fever
“I bolted upright in my bed, gasping for air and still feeling his touch on my hand. I could feel him watching me. I could feel him waiting for me.”
Dana Michelle Burnett, Spiritus

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