Dear Blog … 17.15 – 25/10/18


Kaput to well oiled plans …….

So here l sit, rather unexpectedly at my Father’s desk, using his computer, which l assure you is hard work! The keyboard has seen better days, it ‘s a job just to see the keys as most of them are faded to oblivion . He has no space for his mouse to move properly, and it drags its sorry ass when ever l try to move it around the mat. Already l am so missing my twin screen set up!

I had plans to return tonight, but they have been foiled, Suze is unwell and had a late night driving me up last night, so is now picking me up tomorrow afternoon, meaning l will be back at my own screens tomorrow early evening.

Therefore l am going to call a day halt to the competition, because it is really hard working with my Dad’s computer.

I decided to spare Suze the added discomfort of driving up here again tonight, and so will see her tomorrow, but occupy myself with trying to sort out the nightmare of my Father’s estate administrative.  I am learning things about my Father that l never knew – such as – how much of a hoarder he is, he collects paper for everything and then files it away, we have paperwork here that is not relevant to anything from as far back as 1997!

Thank my lucky stars for experience in auditing in my younger years, because with this mess l am going to need it!

For years l believed my Father was on the spectrum of autism, and that can without refute be the truth now.  He is big on books, magazine, dvd’s, cd’s, photos, stamps, 45’s singles, 78’s Lp’s, – don’t get me wrong, they are nice, and they will gather quite a lump sum from the right buyer, but there is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much of everything!

I can’t remember where my post dated run out, sometime around 5pm l think, meaning tonight there will not be a spooky night time call out 🙁

But l will catch up with you all tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 17.15 – 25/10/18

  1. When I started handling a lot of my mother’s affairs, I found things from the 70s. I’m talking check stubs and registers, utility bills, and other crap. I’m not a hoarder but my son has that tendency. We have to have a monthly clean out.

    1. Hey Teresa, there is so much here, it’s unreal, l knew about the books, films, dvd’s, music, stamps and even baskets of matches, must be nearly a couple of thousand match boxes here, l didn’t know about the paperwork.

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