M.M.H.B Challenge – Halloween Recipes



Halloween Recipes

Now l know that l have at a quick mental count at least a dozen Halloween homemakers who adore making candies, cakes, pies and generally love cooking up specialities, so this challenge shouldn’t fall onto blind eyes.

Some of these challenges will be tame, others more mysterious and some even deadly!

Today’s challenge is slightly different, l would like you to create five witches potions and tell us precisely how you made them, and what ingredients you used. please do assume you have a completely kitted out alchemy labratory and a complete stocked apothecary.

The potions l would like you to make are:

Beauty Potion

Love Potion

Healing Potion

Destruction Potion

Protection Potion

Now you could Google these potions and that is fine, but also, you could make them up, as in eye of newt, blood of boil and so on, that is entirely down to you and your imaginative creativity.

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