M.M.H.B Challenge – Quick Halloween Quiz



M.M.H.B Challenge – Halloween Quiz

Do you celebrate Halloween?

If so when do you start decorating for Halloween?

What types of candy/sweets do you buy for the Trick and Treaters who may come calling?

Do you dress up for Halloween?

Fake blood or not into that kind of thing?

Do you wear a costume to work, or is that frowned upon?

If so, what did you go as last year?

Have you already bought some halloween decorations?

What was the original name for Halloween?

What do people typically carve at Halloween?

Why were people suspicious of black cats during the Middle Ages?

What fruit is used to play a traditional “bobbing” game at Halloween?

Why did people traditionally dress up in costumes on Halloween?

Who first celebrated what we’ve come to know as Halloween?

The most famous witch trials in US history are known as what?

Name the TV series in which Samantha could perform magic by twitching her nose?

Which ‘witch’ had a hit song in 1970 with ‘That same old feeling’?


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