M.M.H.B Challenge – Mystery – Guessed




Can you guess who this is with our 10 facts alone? There is only one answer that l seek, although points will be awarded should you reveal more detail. You have had your warm up week, you know how this challenge rolls – so here we go.

I was inspired by events in 1916

If not for the likes of a menacing truck driver, l might not have even come around.

As is quite often the case, what was written was very different to what was finally seen!

Whilst l was fake, others like me, were not!

I was the first to gross over 100 million dollars at the box office!

1975 was a good year for me!

My creator would later say he regretted creating me and showing me off so badly to the world!

Just call me Bruce!

It cost $8 million to finally make me a reality!

My creator even had a cameo in the film!


I was in fact Jaws, so well done if you guessed me correctly

6 thoughts on “M.M.H.B Challenge – Mystery – Guessed

  1. It’s Batman. It is. Right? (creator and cameo gave it away…) The only thing that makes me reconsider is the YEAR. 1975? Hmmmmm…

    Legend of the Werewolf…?

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