M.M.H.B Challenge – Halloween Recipes



Halloween Recipes

Now l know that l have at a quick mental count at least a dozen Halloween homemakers who adore making candies, cakes, pies and generally love cooking up specialities, so this challenge shouldn’t fall onto blind eyes.

Some of these challenges will be tame, others more mysterious and some even deadly!

You have a special task presented to you here today! You are going to be hosting a dinner party with a difference. Your guests each have different tastes and a variety of appetites and your role is to cater to each one very specifically.

You have a fully fitted and kitted world kitchen at your disposal and you can draw from it however you like – be this with reality, fantasy, the darkness, fictional however you wish to, but you must remember to cater to each palette precisely or it will lead to your instant demise. Think about each guest attending and pull in your knowledge of them so that you prepare the right dish or delicacy.

You have got to think on this one, each of these guests has a very special diet they prefer to eat. I mean l wouldn’t wish to be you if you got it wrong, know what l am saying?

So write a story or a tale and describe how you managed to host the perfect Killer Party and also include how you managed to source out there ideal dishes.

Also this challenge has a three day timer to it, in so far as you do not need to submit your tale straight away.

Here is your guest list:

Freddy Krueger

Hannibal Lecter

Micheal Myers

Jason Vorhees

Norman Bates

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Buffalo Bill

Sweeney Todd


Christine [the car]


Vlad Tepes




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