Want To Play A Game (I’ll say PG-13/R)

It’s stories like these that just make me want to crank it up even more!!

The Haunted Wordsmith

I sit and watch as the young man clad in all black stalks his next victim. People like him are repugnant, hateful little things that slither back to the shadows with each morning sun. A hair-raising scream echos down the darkened alley, letting the silent world know he found his latest prize.

The young man walks proudly out of the alley wearing a smug grin unaware of the nerve-wracking night playing out at 42 Westmore as a woman sits by the window wringing her hands waiting for the only daughter that will never come home.

I watch as the young man enters the bar to spend what few dollars she had in the purse that her mother gave her when she graduated from college. As he walks in, a woman in a short red dress walks out and I decide to follow her.

She doesn’t look worrisome or menacing

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