The Fairy Tale Killer (PG-13/R)

If not for the little snacks in life …

The Haunted Wordsmith

“I would like,” the dinner host said while pouring everyone a glass of Chianti, “to thank you all for coming tonight. I have been away, and I apologize for that, but rest assured, I have returned.”

His guests applauded lightly and smiled. They did miss his monthly dinner parties. Everything on the table was exquisite. The finest china and crystal ware. Their host spared no attention to detail. Why even the design on the wine glass flute was the same as the napkins.

The host sat at the head of the table and signaled to the waiting staff that they were ready. One by one waiters clad in formal tuxedos brought out plates for his guest.

Liver pate led the evening and chilled brains in aspic rounded it off nicely. Everyone was pleased.

“You are a master chef,” a guest said. “How do you do it?”

The host smiled graciously…

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