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Ursula from An Upturned Soul tagged me to this post, and l am glad she did, as l would like to take the opportunity just to express that in truth, l have always welcomed answering questions, however currently l am involved in a huge competition/challenge [yes my own making] which does evolve around asking challengers a lot of questions. Ursula has written this extremely interesting post and at her own concessions the questions haven’t come from her, but from this source here:  7 Words Questionnaire : Personality Profile.

Please do ensure that you read the post she has written it really is quite informative.

In the 80’s l was a Motivation Trainer or Positivity Coach if you prefer that term, and one of the tasks l always set my trainees was answering a series of questions and tasks usually set by the likes of Meredith Belbin aimed at management, leadership, positivity and personality, so find these questions posed quite interesting indeed, and welcome the post as a break from the challenge.

So thank you Ursula.

So to the questions: 21


Do you prevent people from taking advantage of you?

Well l certainly try to, l am somewhat cynical to many people, despite having a trusting nature, which can work to my disadvantage at times. If l am able to snip it in the bud, then yes.

Do you keep to your No decisions?

Yes l do,. Once l make a solid NO decision, l cannot be budged, much to the annoyance of others at times. But No means NO, whatever the situation.

Do you mostly feel free from imposition?

Normally yes, however in recent times with everything going on in my life, being free of imposition is very hard to ignore.


Are you truly interested in the views and attitudes of others?

Well despite what many people feel about me, l do actually care about others, l oft take their beliefs on board and endeavour to remember as much about a person as l can, so l do not cause them hurt in any way. I respect another person’s views and attitudes even if at times they are not my own, but l strongly believe in freedom of speech and thought and more importantly the freedom to express it.

Do you make opportunities to meet new people?

Yes, but perhaps not in the traditional sense of the word, whilst l am neither an introvert or anti-social, l am more selectively social, and so pick my ‘meeting of new peoples on my terms’. I have found as an example WordPress to be an extremely effective location to meet with new people without all the unnecessary and ridiculous normal defines of society’s way of meeting new people.

Do you make friends and contacts if you go to a new place?

I am guesing that this means in one of those ‘normal settings’ which is highly overrated, false and forced. I, if in a new location may meet new people, and will always be polite as that is my way, but do l make new friends? No, of course not, friendship can take longer to both formulate and nurture.


Do friends and associates often thank you for your kindness?

Yes they do, however, l have never been very good at accepting any compliments so l struggle at times to take them on board, but this does not mean l don’t appreciate them, l just don’t always knows how to answer them, and am not totally sure l am worth them.

Do you often give gestures of appreciation?

Yes, l try to compliment and award as much credit as l can. I like to see the look of a smile and a laugh from the person l have complimented. It’s irony l feel, that l can compliment and glean a satisfaction from it and yet it terrifies me. But l feel this may have something to do with my Asperger’s.

Do you easily win children’s confidence?

Children like me, because many a time l can get down to their level of thinking, break both the ice and the silence and act like a big kid.


Are you good at avoiding being ‘stuck in a rut’?

Most of the time yes, but LIFE has a way of serving curve balls on a fairly regular basis, life isn’t about perfection, it’s about it being trialed and sampled, learn by experience, learning from our mistakes. If circumstances are out of our control however, this works against us.

Do you have courage to move into the unknown?

I would challenge that back with define the unknown in truth. Unknown what? Unknown territory, unknown thinking, if we are to tackle that question in a universal fashion, l think everyone at some point in their lives asks the question if they have the courage to make the first step no matter how awkward it ma be for them. The answer is yes,  but l will always exercise caution so as to not err. The days of being a risk taker are no longer my closest friends, due to having the courage and causing at times serious damage. Yes l do, but carefully.

Do you quickly let go of the past?

Who does? The shallow person? we never let go of our past, it is who we are. it is of course a question down to interpretation. I think it comes down to how we manage it. Many times during our lives the past has a way of coming back and either haunting you or biting you on your ass.


Are you an assertive person?

To a certain degree yes, more so when l know l am right, less so when l don’t, l prefer the term diplomatic.

Are you good at choosing and asking for what you want?

In certain situations yes, but in ‘unknown situations/’ not always prefer caution.Too assertive can come over as cocky and l am far from cocky.

Are you likelier to take action than to grumble?

If l am able to take action, l take action – l don’t like grumbling, but we are all guilty of that. However l prefer to take action if l am able to.


Do you make amends if you cause someone harm?

Yes very quickly, l will always try to keep a communication line open whatever the cost unless it is a lost cause then l will simply stop. However, l tend to NOT try and cause harm or offense in the first place, but we live in trying times.

Are you relatively free of guilt?

Mostly yes, but not all the time. I feel terribly guilty as an example here IN WP because l cannot always get to read everyone’s posts all the time when l want or wish to. If l am going to do something that creates guilt, then l simply wouldn’t do it, l prefer honesty.

Are you a person who can “forgive and forget”?

I can forgive, but it is reflective upon the situation as to whether l forget. In truth, l think most of us can easily forgive, but l think it is wrong to simply always forget. Once a vase is broken, you can glue it together again, but that doesn’t mean that the integrity is back to the same strength as it once was.


Do you usually wake up feeling enthusiastic?

No. l simply wake up, and approach the day from that point onwards. The years of waking up enthusiastic are gone, this doesn’t mean l wake up negative, l am mostly positive, but enthusiastic? No.

Do you “take life as it comes” with easy acceptance?

Mostly yes, this doesn’t mean that l have no desire or ambition to improve upon it, l am always working on progression.

Are you using your talents well?

Yes l believe so, but not blowing my own trumpet, l do actually have a lot of talents and over the years l have utilised them all to the best of both their and my advanatge and l have benefitted greatly.


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