Unlucky Thirteen

Death comes a knocking!

The Haunted Wordsmith


“Adams, Steven…check.”

“Barlow, Matthew…check.”

“Howard, Emily…check.”

“Hmm, now where was he again.” I check the names over each of the skateboarder’s head. “Ah, yes, there he is.”

With a sift flick of my wrist, my scythe clips the reckless teenager. I glance at my list as I walk past the shocked and screaming faces of his friends. “Lemon, Zach…check.”

Twelve down just one to go, then I can head out for my much needed holiday. Five-day cruise that is guaranteed not to require my services. “Can’t wait.”

“Excuse me,” a little wicked witch says as she bumps into me.

A witch? Why is there a little witch walking down the street in Clipperville? In the middle of the day? Other little nocturnal ghosts and mysterious goblins scuttle back and forth between the shops. Oh good lord, I forgot it’s Halloween.

Wait! Halloween. I scan my list again, and turn…

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