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Teresa over at The Haunted Wordsmith has a series called ‘Finish the Story’, see rules below:


  1. Copy the story as it appears when you receive it (and the rules please)
  2. Add somehow to the story in which ever style and length you choose
  3. Tag only 1 person to continue the story
  4. Have fun!

Michelle of Mws R Writings has tagged me, although l am slightly later to the party than l had planned, so my apologies for that, but l have made an allowance for that, in case my entry is null and void

The Path

Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith

“I don’t like you going jogging all by yourself in the morning,” Evelyn said over coffee one morning.

“Mom, it’s fine,” Julie said. “Besides I like running when there are fewer people out. It’s just me and nature.”

Evelyn sighed and shook her head. Like father, like daughter. Frank liked going running in the mornings too. She just couldn’t stand the thought of losing Julie too.

The following morning, Julie tied her tennis shoes, patted Baxter’s head, and headed out the door for her morning jog. Mist floated just above the ground. Julie smiled and pulled out her phone to take a picture. She loved morning fog. It was so mysterious…so creepy…so alive.

As she started down the jogging path that wound between the tall pines of Horseman Hollow park, she …

Michelle of Mws R Writings

… always enjoyed jogging. Often she would plug-in her earphones and listen to several songs she recorded on her MP3. This kept her mind clear of all the many difficult things in her daily life. It was always for a short time, of course, until she had to get back into the daily grind. For today she was going to make the most of her exercise. She was increasing her heart rate as she started jogging faster than her previous stride. She had heard if you slow down some and then speed up some you would be doing a lot more good than keeping at the same pace.

Sometimes, if she was honest with herself, she let things that she saw out of the corner of her eyes, scare her. This morning the fog was rather thick, thicker than she had seen this year. She couldn’t help but notice that things were especially odd this morning. Contrary to her usual morning jog, this morning seemed different. This path had the tallest pines in the area. The woods around the trail were so thick and crowded. If a person was to get off the trail, they would surely be lost. She imagined that if a person wanted to plan a murder, this would be the ideal place to come to. The danger of that thought gave rise to her curious nature and her fondness of the whole place.

A Guy Called Bloke

Julie always thought differently, she liked to call it out of the box thinking, although others called it morbid, especially her Mom. But how could you not think abstract when jogging, especially here. With the mist tickling at her feet and dancing amongst the roots of the trees and the day above trying to mete its power through the thickness of the pines. Although the very thickness of the fog was unusual to say the least? She was used to her foggy jaunts in the morning, but had never seen misty tendrils quite like these before. If she let her imagination go wild, pretty soon she would see all sorts of things jumping out from the trunks and scare herself to death.

Julie became aware of another presence fifteen minutes in, and she slowed her pace to a quiet jog, pulled out the ear piece and listened as she ran, yes there it was, a slight crackle, she turned and twenty yards to her left was another jogger weaving their way between the pines.

That was unusual in itself, she hardly ever saw others out at this time in the morning, but there was something familiar about it, something uncanny, what was it? Julie looked as she jogged keeping a reasonable pace with the other; they too had slowed their own pace. It was then that it struck her, the other person was wearing exactly the same outfit as her, the more she looked the more realised that ……… oh no, it cannot be, it was her!

At the same time as that realisation, a strange noise in front her sounded, Julie shifted her gaze there, and standing in between two thick trunked pines was a huge black horse, and atop of the horse was an even bigger brute of a man, maybe, for the body had no head how would she know?

It was at that time, that Julie’s heart stopped ………

Julie, glanced down at the fallen figure and continued along her way through the pines, the needles on the floor softly crunching underfoot, she smiled to herself gently, “Oh how l love the smell of fresh pine in the morning!” she giggled and continued along the path with her run!

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