The Magic Beans

There’s some strange beans in this world!

Baked beans, Human Beans and then there’s these here beans!

The Haunted Wordsmith

Julian sighed as he listened to the crowds on the side of the door rush about their lives. Another typical day, he thought as we listened and waited. He tapped gently on the door when he finally heard the familiar, friendly whistle of the janitor.

“Caught again?” Max asked as he turned the combination lock.

“Thanks,” Julian said, wrenching his way out of the locker. “I think I need to lose some weight.”

He tried to make the best of a bad situation, but he knew it was only a matter of time before either they would kill him, or he would kill himself. Max shook his head, patted Julian on the shoulder, and continued on his nightly work.

A quick look out the door to see if they were waiting for him. It was clear, so Julian slowly opened the back door to Glover Middle School, then gunned it…

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