M.M.H.B – Film List – 5





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M.M.H.B – Film List – 5

Over the course of the Horror Voting week, 181 films were listed and whilst 100 have been selected for this month, 81 were left out. Of those 81 unchosen, 48 were either really bad and not even voted for, or received 1 vote each


 Re-Animator 1985

Loosely based on H P Lovecraft’s classic horror tale, Herbert West is a young scientist who has a good head on his shoulders and another on the lab table in front of him.


 Friday the 13th: a New Beginning 1985

Years after Tommy Jarvis (John Shepard) murdered hockey-masked serial killer Jason Voorhees, he resides in a mental hospital and struggles with the trauma of the experience. When Tommy moves to an isolated halfway house, he has nightmares about Jason’s return, and soon one of the patients (Dominick Brascia) is killed. As the body count grows, Tommy begins to question his sanity and wonder if Jason has risen from the dead. But, to determine the killer’s identity, Tommy will need to survive.


 Hard Rock Zombies 1984

Hitler cultists kill everyone in a heavy-metal band but the lead singer (E.J. Curcio), who brings them back as zombies.


 Frightmare 1983

College movie buffs (Luca Bercovici, Jennifer Starrett) steal a horror-film star’s (Ferdinand Mayne) corpse, and a medium brings him back.


 Scalps 1983

Members of an archaeological expedition make the fatal mistake of trespassing on an ancient Indian burial ground.


 Zombie Holocaust 1980

An anthropologist (Donald O’Brien) and her scientist friend (Ian McCulloch) visit an island of cannibals and find a mad doctor (Alexandra Delli Colli) creating zombies.


 Toxic Zombies 1980

The federal government sprays a forest, turning marijuana farmers into cannibals.


 Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death 1979

The grandson (James Mathers) of Dr. Jekyll injects his kidnapped victims with an experimental serum.


 Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo 1977

Townsfolk unite against spiders freed from a crashed plane’s coffee-bean cargo.


 The Devil’s Rain 1975

A murdered family’s patriarch seeks revenge upon an Arizona coven that captures souls and worships Satan.


 Tales That Witness Murder 1973

A doctor (Donald Pleasence) recalls cases of an invisible tiger, time travel, a tree named Mel, a cannibal luau.


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