You know one of the biggest taboos in our world is ‘Death’ people simply don’t like to discuss the end of days equally as much as they dislike ‘mental health’, and yet whether people like it or not, it still happens and equally as much as Death awaits us, we all have mental health.

Mental health as two words is not the problem, it is the perception by a society ignorant to the fact that when there is mental health as a subject that it is NOT just about poor mental health but healthy mental health.

I have oft been accused of being obsessed with Death – l am not, but l do have a respect for it, and l think that is important. Some people forget too easily that sadly Death might just be around the corner for any of us at any time.

Life is just way too short to NOT think of Death or …


Life is a journey we all take,
From our time of birth,
Till the end when no longer awake,
… we return to the earth,

Life is what we make it to be,
No one else is to blame,
For our responsibility’s
Or lack of them and or our shames,

And then how many truly understand,
What is meant sincerely?
By life’s pathways set for man,
And see their life ever so clearly?
From the time our eyes open to see,
This life, do we ever really know,
What is expected from us seriously?
And how we are supposed to be on show?

l am so sick and so very tired,
Of trying to understand life it scares me,
Questions constantly buzzing in my head,
Trying to comprehend what is expected of me,
And come on, what really is life,
This period of time we have on this planet,
Apart from a continued road of strife,
…in order to enjoy this exquisite banquet?

And you drift into the plains of the unknown,
Searching for what, when and how,
Till the point that ones’ mind is blown,
Easier trying to understand the Tao,

And what about when the mind is wretched,
What then?
Unravelling the secrets to the thread,
Of life, understanding, comprehending?

… Lower,
… … Lowest,
… … … Bottom
… … … … Then what?

Confusion, trying to make sense of it all,
Spiralling out of control,
Dizziness taking hold of the dreadful,
Life taking its’ final toll!

We are born, we live and we die,
Choices, we all have them,
But however one looks at it … still we see Graveside,
And what then?

© Rory Matier 2012


13 thoughts on “Graveside

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  1. Very nice peace Rory, it wasn’t too long ago that people with a mental illnic were locked away because of fear and ignorance.

    There was a movie ( based on a true story ) I watched a long time ago that sticks with me about a 16 year old trans guy locked up in a mental hospital getting electric shock treatment to make him a normal girl again ( ignorant people doing ignorant things for what was believed to be a mental illnic ) his friend helped him escape at the point when his mind was about gone so he could die free as him self, he jumped off a cliff side. The friend keep what happened a secret tell his death when he told what happened.

    Mental illnic or what is believed to be a mental illnic doesn’t have a be a tragedy any more if people would just stop being afraid of it and talk about it !!! ❤️✌️


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    1. You are quite right Dawn – it wasn’t that long ago they wereostracised and locked away – now they are simply astrocised and stigmatised sadly – no progression at all.

      What was the film called?


      1. I wish I could remember but I can’t remember it for the life in me.
        Ya that is the sad part, like when I tell someone I’m disabled it’s like saying ” hay I have the plage” and they can’t wait to get away from me. ❤️✌️

        BY FOR NOW

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