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Halloween Recipe Challenge 18/10 ..

What more could be wanted?
“stink bug, mopane worm and rabbit dropping puree for dipping.”

The Haunted Wordsmith

“We must be ready for him when he arrives,” the chef said to his assistants. “That critic likes to eviscerate chefs with his pen.”

“Yes, chef.”

His staff set about their assigned tasks. Julia pulled a large case of blowfish out of the walk-in refrigerator and selected six perfect specimens. Patrick set about washing and preparing the eight ackee fruit that would go into the critic’s salad. Mary Beth, the prep cook, pulled a large basket of leafy greens off a shelf in the cooler and selected the finest leaves to line the bowl. Howard worked on rubbing off the large bag ofdeadly webcap and death cap mushrooms for the entree.

The chef watched as his assistants performed admirably under this pressure. He was very happy to have them in the kitchen with him.

Marco, the youngest prep cook in the kitchen that night, was relegated to preparing the

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