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Creepy Day everyone – well here we are on the 19th October 2018 – for the next 12 days till the 31st October – Halloween is upon us – Monster Mash Halloween Bash Greetings to y’all!


Today there will be more spookie’s galore and challenges for all, always expect the unexpected and have fun! So, who is going to creep out of the woodwork today and have a stabbing, stab, stab go at some of the challenges?

Ricketty Rory & Scary Doodlepip

Eerie Facts!

Who Are We Having For Dinner?

In the 1920’s, a writer named William Seabrook was obsessed with the idea of flesh-eating voodoo zombies. He wanted to try human flesh so badly, in fact, that he traveled to Western Africa, begging tribes to let him become a cannibal. They wouldn’t give him human flesh, so he had to return back to the United States. He smuggled a body out of a morgue instead. He was so excited to eat human meat, that he invited all of his friends over for a dinner party. Technically, what he was doing wasn’t illegal, so his friends had to just watch in horror.

A Boy’s Best Friend

In 1906, a boy named Robert Eugene Otto, or “Gene” owned a strange-looking doll of a boy, who he named Robert. The doll was never sold in stores. It is said to have once been part of a store display, and he was dressed like a clown. Gene would talk about Robert as if he was real, and any time something went wrong, be blamed it on the doll. At first people brushed it off as childhood imagination, but everyone thought it was strange that Gene kept the doll around his entire life. When Gene died in the 1970’s, the doll was donated to a museum. People claim that Robert is the cause of multiple accidents, deaths, and other events of bad luck following a visit to the doll. There was a movie made based on this real-life event. People send Robert letters, asking for forgiveness, or for hexes upon others.

Life Flashing Before Your Eyes

On, you are able to listen to the voices of people in the last moments of their life right before they die in a plane crash.

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  1. Selectively spooky ones, man.
    the cannibal guy reminded me of Hannibal Lecter ( that character still gives me goosebumps, idk why).

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