Captain Crazy Eye

Short and sweet,
The ideal pirates trick n treat!

The Haunted Wordsmith

Captain Crazy Eye looked out across the sea. He didn’t like the look of the looming storm. It gave the sea an eerie glow. The ship would have to stay in port for the night.

“Aargh!” he said. “Ye have the night off.”

The ship’s crew roared with applause. They had not had a night off since last Halloween. Everyone ran to their bunks and put on their spookiest or most mysterious costume for a little trick-n-treat with the local children.

“Now,” Captain Crazy Eye bellowed when the crew returned on deck. “There be no lewd behavior this year, and if ye taste any good pies, well, get recipe. Old cook needs a little help.”

The crew laughed and promised not to get into any nocturnal mischief.

By dawn, Captain Crazy Eye had finished bailing everyone out of Mystic County Jail.

This short was written for the M.M.H.B Challenge

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