The Passing of a Single Tear

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The Passing of a Single Tear

I wish there had been more time shared as Father and Son,
From young, when young, just young,
But that was a big ask from a man,
Who couldn’t and wouldn’t understand,
His son.
There was never any free time, to simply share,
Honest pleasures, the joys, for he was always somewhere ..
… else.
His mind, was not present, never there, when at home,
Always busy, with other people, or on the phone,
If not that, then his music for him alone,
Never shared freely, appreciation forced,
His family looked upon as if we were accursed,
An entity he had to bear, for eternity,
Time was for everyone else, family carelessly,
Thrown to the wind.
Foundations, never formed,
Dysfunctionality ruled the way,
We were just there to be burned,
By a man, who lived only in his yesterdays.
No matter, life was there to adorn him.
… and him alone!
Life was always about him,
His way or the highway,
We hardly ever saw eye to eye,
My Father passed into the hands of death yesterday,
A shadow of who he once was,  a grain of sand,
In the bigger picture of life, is all that remained of the man,
He slipped away, quietly l hear, no pain nor sound,
For such a brutal presence in life, l find the passing profound!
Such is the way,
I cried a single tear,
And wished him well on the highway,
The stairs that lead everywhere,

But not the yesterday.
A single tear, it was all l had,

That’s all l could share,
I tried, oh how l tried,
I tried to cry,
but none would come
I cried a single tear for you,
But that tear was an ocean,
Deep, wild and unruly, angry and upset,
It rolled down my cheek,
I felt it passing,
So much was left unsaid, so many questions,
Will now never be heard,
Why am l surprised at that? It’s absurd!
I felt that tear well up within my mind,
But it was just one,
A solitary tear from your Son.
One single tear,
Down my face,
It left an emotional smear,
My grief, that tear, the only trace.
Before, it was gone, crashing to the ground …
Just a single tear for my Father, how profound.

© Rory Matier 2018

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