M.M.H.B Challenge – Mystery – Guessed




Can you guess who this is with our 10 facts alone? There is only one answer, although points will be awarded should you reveal more detail.


I was called many names, horrible and terrible included.

It was suggested that l was paranoid! Although l know what and who l saw, they were there!!

I had my own personal torture chamber!

I liked watching my victims die!

There are many ways to kill and some of my favourites were beheading, strangling, stabbing, boiling and buried alive and even impaled. My specialities were disembowelling and frying!

I mean l even boiled my treasurer!

I blinded my architect! He didn’t see that coming!!

I earned my name though my deeds in a massacre.

How many did l kill? Ooh l don’t know, l lost count after 2500, although some think it might be closer to 80,000 it’s all just numbers to me!!

I became a Grand Prince at the age of 3!

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