M.M.H.B Challenge – Halloween Charades



Thursday 18th October 2018

Halloween Charades



Can you name this horror film with these two clues?

For the title of Grand Monster Mash Halloween Basher you must crack every single one of these charades to be considered. Remember to make a note of the posts so as to tie into your answers at the end of the competition. If you are not going for that title, then just join in for the main challenge.

20 thoughts on “M.M.H.B Challenge – Halloween Charades

      1. Hmm….my mind goes to A Monster Calls (which isn’t horror), Troll (campy horror), Sleepy Hollow (Depp remake), and Predator (alien + tree). I don’t think I’m good at charades lol

        1. Well, actually …………… l would like you to try and pin point with some accuracy on one of those answers ………. if you can 🙂

          I couldn’t give you a bigger hint Teresa 🙂

        2. Hahaha…um…you overestimate my ability to see where hints are supposed to lead, but…considering the term accuracy, I will change my vote to Predator (aliens + tree + arnold = timeless camp)

        3. Well, I think I will let others try. I am horrible at charades. There are a ton of movies that have alien/monster + tree/woods/forest. Heck even Pumpkinhead had a huge tree in it that played a role. Oh, and so did Ernest Scared Stupid (great movie that I still watch every year)

        4. My problem though is that I see the picture for the picture…its an alien (which could also mean monster). I cooked my bacon sat down and said sleepy hollow. Then said well duh….its sleeping. ha! I am too literal for charades.

        5. It’s a funny thing, l tend to look at those two images based on my literalness and you think you are too literal 🙂

          I was searching for sleeping/dozy/asleep etc. Didn’t even focus on the colour or that it looked like one of those bouncy things that did the rounds when l was a kid. Then thought right ‘hollow? ok, tree hollow, tree hole and voila 🙂

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