Who Crashed The Party?


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Teresa over at The Haunted Wordsmith Started this story tag and has passed the tag to me to pick up and roll with …here’s my episode.

The Haunted Wordsmith

Who Crashed The Party?

The party at Drac’s house was in full swing. The Crypt-Kicker Five were on stage giving the performance of a lifetime and everyone was dancing and grooving to the beat. Even Igor was happy for once. Hazel brought enough witches’ brew to last the evening and Frank offered to cater the event, but Drac hired outside professionals instead. The night was a blast until …

To be continued…..


A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

…… a screech of brakes outside the house caused by The Mystery Van and loud enough to be heard way above the din of I Dream of Djinn an absolute stonking cronking classic from The Crypt-Kicker Five nearly brought the house down! Frank had only just literally finished off his bubbling stein with his pal Wolfen and was laughing and joking with cousin It who had brought his stepmother to the bash, who spookily just happened to be an alien …………….. l know how cooly ironic is that? They were just about to refresh their goblets when the front door flew open and who should barge in gargling and blubbering but Shaggy and Scooby Doo looking atypical yikey!

“Swhaggy, oh no, no, no Swhaggy!!” Scooby yelped and yiked some more!

Literally the moment they appeared everyone in the house stopped dead in their tracks, which wasn’t that hard for the undead and the zombies, well if you didn’t mind bits dropping off. But the other guests were and had been in full swing and all sorts and  slammed into each other. Just as everyone was coming to their senses, and Shaggy and Scooby were shaking in their boots and paws, Freddy, Thelma and Daphne, who hadn’t been that far behind also came flying through the wide open door and slammed into the backs of their friends, causing everyone to tumble madly and wildly to the floor. All five looked up to a sea of blue, green, yellow and bloodied faces and they were all smiling grotesquely down at them.

Suddenly Freddy yelled, untangling himself from the cartoon heap! “We need your help urgently!! It’s the mansion, the critters they are running amok, someone watered them after midnight! If we don’t get this situation under control ……..”

To be continued ….. by Madam Rugby Aka The Bag Lady!

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