The Joining Ceremony

Wednesday 17th October 2018
Spooky Tales

My Fangs to Teresa for this superb little creepy sucker – The Joining Ceremony 🙂

The Haunted Wordsmith

“There are many things history has gotten wrong about us,” the father told his son on his eighth birthday, “and we like it that way.”

“What did they get wrong?”

“Well, for starters, they think we can’t have children of our own.” He looked at his son and smiled. “Hmm, let’s see, what else…um, we don’t like garlic, don’t have a reflection, most of us have no manners or hygiene.”

They boy laughed. “I love pepper and garlic on my pizza, and I don’t think the girls would like me if I didn’t have good hygiene.”

The boy’s mother came into the room carrying a large birthday cake with eight candles on it. “Make a wish,” she said.

The boy closed his eyes, made a wish, and blew out the candles. “Can we go now? Please?”

His parents looked at each and grinned. He was so much more prepared then…

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