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So, here we are – the end of Day 3 of the Halloween Monster Mash – how well have you done?

There have been four challenges, but did you catch all 4?  We had Halloween Charades, Treasure Hunter [Trick n Treat] , Spooky Tales and Mystery. But we also had a Game On – Just Creepy, Spooky Quotes and another Eerie Facts as features.

We still have 13 Days and Nights to come!

Have you started playing yet? You can just jump right in on any of the challenges, it matters not if you are not looking to go for the Basher Title, just join in for the creepy delights!

Spooky Night Roll Call!


My Spooky Night Call Out Goes To The Following Bloggers … Great blogs, great writers so please do make sure to check them out, and remember to say a Happy Hi, Howdy and Hey because it’ll make their Creepy Day! Thank you.

Jay-lin of The Wonderful and Wacky World of one Single Mum

Laurie of Meditations in Motion

Lady D of 3C Style

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