M.M.H.B Challenge – Halloween Charades

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Halloween Charades



Can you name this horror film with these two sets of two clues apiece. Each twin set of clues represents one clue as in one word.

For the title of Grand Monster Mash Halloween Basher you must crack every single one of these charades to be considered. Remember to make a note of the posts so as to tie into your answers at the end of the competition. If you are not going for that title, then just join in for the main challenge.

55 thoughts on “M.M.H.B Challenge – Halloween Charades

          1. Aah [he wrote looking at the link, and thinking ..never heard of it], that Them, no it’s not that Them or even the other Them.

            This one is quite cryptic … l mean if l was looking at an old derlict mansion and some creepy type Phantasm dude in a darkened cowl [and no it’s not Phantasm either, but that would be a good guess if you made it, it would be wrong, but it would be a cool connection], l would struggle, but luckily l know the answer …mawahahahaha! 🙂

          2. Now that is a good guess, and the irony there is really spooky, it’s the wrong answer, but that is strangely enough what l was thinking when l used that image of the house.

            Here’s a clue, try to not look at the house like it’s a house, think more laterally …

          3. Well, I have no idea then on this one 🙁 There are so many movies out there…there are only two other movies that come to mind: House on Haunted Hill (the remake) and Thirteen Ghosts (the remake)…but I think I have to throw in the towel.

        1. Uncle, what is uncle is this a secret code? Uncle as in Buck? I saw one of the Purges the other day l have started watching horror again, currently seriously hooked into the Netflix haunting series – blummey there are some cracking jump scenes in that!

          But nope not the Purge either 🙂

          1. What?! Well, that just blew everything out of the water….hmm….now I’m think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde….Frankenstein…holy crap! so many more possibilities…why!…okay, it is my goal to uncover this by the end of the day

          2. At the end of the week, the unguessed ones will be displayed again on Sunday with fresh clues. It comes down to interpretation. when you know the answer it’s a bit like spotting wally in one of those cartoons, it all clicks into place 🙂

          3. Good lord though, this could even be Hannibal. It’s the last one that is throwing me off the most. To me, it represents a person, but you said earlier to think of it like a specter (ghost). So now we have domicile, medicine, ghost/person………..it is still by goal to get this by the end of the day….lol

          4. I seriously wish you luck – my only and final clue to you is think laterally where you can as in other words to describe the cluess you see. Don’t simply think of a film title but think of the words that could come from the images 🙂

          5. Think? I am! It’s frustrating me to no end (which is fun). I am sure I will feel like a complete idiot when I know the answer, but its all in good fun. Keep these coming 🙂

          6. No.

            What is another name – as in alternative word for a Doctor – when you realise that, you will then see why the house is there in the first set of clues, it will then fall into place.

          7. Ta da………….

            Another alternative word for house is residence therefore Resident.
            And a Doctor can be known as resident.

            A hooded figure in the dark is seen as a shrouded figure, the cowl represeting evil as in hidden and unseen menace – evil.

            The creepy critter has an evil grin.


          8. Okay, no offense cause I love these….but no way I would have ever found that through those clues. I have seen the RE series (they’re great) but…dang those pictures are a stretch.
            It’s just me though because nothing in the hood said evil.
            On with the fun though.

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