Creepy Day All



Creepy Day everyone – well here we are on the 17th October 2018 – for the next 14 days till the 31st October – Halloween is upon us – Monster Mash Halloween Bash Greetings to y’all!


Today there will be more spookie’s galore and challenges for all, always expect the unexpected and have fun!

Ravenous Rory & Spooky Doodlepip

Eerie Facts!

 The Boogie Men

In Uganda, children are kidnapped and used as child sacrifices by witch doctors. They pay off local police to be sure that they’ll never get caught.

More than a Nightmare

In the 1970’s and 80’s, over 100 healthy people suddenly died in their sleep. Their families couldn’t explain it. Wes Craven was inspired by this idea, and it helped him to create Nightmare on Elm Street, where the villain finds and kills people in their dreams.

Off With Your Head!

The Guillotine was a machine used for executions, and it would chop people’s heads off. Witnesses reported the eyes moving on the heads moments before death. A modern-day experiment on rats confirmed that brains are still thinking several seconds after a head is removed from a body.

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