M.M.H.B Challenge – Halloween Recipes



Halloween Recipes

Now l know that l have at a quick mental count at least a dozen Halloween homemakers who adore making candies, cakes, pies and generally love cooking up specialities, so this challenge shouldn’t fall onto blind eyes.

Some of these challenges will be tame, others more mysterious and some even deadly!

Below is a selection of ingredients, use your imagination and cooking knowledge, but imagination will suffice, after all this is just another form of storytelling and tell us what delicious dish you are making using the ingredients listed. Make a post about it all. All the ingredients must be used. Take note of the cooking apparatus you have available

For this challenge you only have a campfire but a complete set of kitchen utensils!

Your Ingredients – you can only add one extra of your own

5lb Tripe

A dozen Tuna Eyeballs

A tin of Spam

A tub of Grasshoppers

4 Japanese Wasp Crackers

2 Fried Spiders

A bowl of warmed Witchetty Grubs marinated in Soya Sauce

6 Escargots [Snails]

Enough vegetables to make a lush salad.

A Jar of Honey

Yummy Yum!

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      1. I know. That’s a huge yet fun challenge!
        Your list of ingredients has stayed in my mind and I cannot stop thinking about it. It’s like an earworm!

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