Eye Moments


Eye Moments

It’s funny, how life passes us by,
When times are good, we think not twice,
About those moments caught by the eyes,
In which our memory ensnared a slice,
So that we may sit back at the end of our days,
And with sweet fondness and reflection,
Look back through the sands of a timely haze,
Thinking of forgotten recollections,

How the gentle breeze, may carry a scent,
That ignites yet another memory from yesterday,
Or a tune that reminds us of a beautiful moment,
Allowing us to rekindle and replay,
Over and over again till our heart is content,
A splash of colour that calls back a love,
Of yet even more of those eye segments,
Blending together naturally so they fit like a glove,

Yet l ask myself these days, what happens,
When the distances from yesteryear,
No longer fills me with joys or excite my passion,
And all l have left is the fears,
Of a mind once so artistically created to think,
Feels dead inside and longs for an end,
That could itself be defined as gone within the blink,
Of an Eye, moments that have become hard to apprehend?

© Rory Matier 2015

12 thoughts on “Eye Moments

  1. Woah, I was not expecting the dramatic turn at the end of the poem. It works well though: it adds an extra flavor to the poem and keeps it from being a generic, feel-good piece.

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