Dear Blog … 13.28 – 16/10/18


A strange moment leading to end days…

I had a dream last night, it wasn’t a good dream. It was about my Father. It wasn’t a nightmare, but it bordered in the realms of such. I awakened at around 3ish this morning in a rough  sweat, a lot of pain in my neck. I put it down to sleeping on the wrong side of my body and the after effects of the sage still lingering in the air from the hallway. I pushed it to one side, and went back to sleep.

I felt a presence in the hallways last night, a cold front in the usual spot in the house and my brain went into overdrive as it does when l get hints of that stimulation. I spoke to my guide and asked what was going on?

The smell was still lingering in the hallways when l took a call at 1.05pm this afternoon, and as is my way, l paced with the call.

“Dad has only got days left Rory. He is unresponsive to everything now, if you are going to see him before he goes, it needs to be sooner rather than later.” My Sister said to me.

In my dream, my Father was expressing his anger with me as his Son, in the same haunting way he has done since l was six years old. “Such a disappointmet, l have never been proud of you!” His arm swung back, and l awaited the blow …. and woke up at 3ish this morning.

As l paced the hallway listening to my Sister l felt the presence  just outside the kitchen and felt the tingle in my brain. But the smell of the sage had dropped.

The scent is no longer over my desk, for it now lingers only in the hallway, the end of days is here l feel, not just an end of days, but an end to a history of yesterdays, the ones that have haunted me for years.

My Father wasn’t there for his own Father’s death he was downstairs in the hospital car park listening to the cricket scores, l must not let history repeat itself.

Dear Blog ……

3 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 13.28 – 16/10/18

  1. I’m sorry Rory, I hope you can get there in time. My mum died before I got there and even though she was ‘gone’ weeks before, I wish I’d got there before. It’s not easy, no matter what.

    1. I got there. It’ll be sometime this week when he passes. He didn’t know l was there as his Son, but he didn’t recognise me as being so, maybe somewhere deep down he did. But his mind is gone, his stubborness remains to a certain degree.

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