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A smudging gone wrong!

Twice a year l smudge the house, you know cleanse, dismiss, dispel and protect, a simple incantation l perform with a white sage smudge stick. As a practice it’s one l am all too familiar with, as a belief, same applies, l am more spiritual in my belief system, than any other more perhaps traditional format. I prefer the green of natural magic rather than looking more to the fixed learnings and teachings. But that doesn’t mean l disrespect another person’s belief, nor judge them for it, it just means l roll with what is comfortable with and for me.

We have had a lot of negative energy in the house for several months and in the last few months it has increased ten fold, so a cleansing really was on the books, and perhaps l should have exercised the cleansing long before yesterday. Lesson learned l feel, life is one big learning curve afterall.

Smudging is a ritual, a way of connection – most are oblivious to this unless they lean that way in belief – it’s about shifting the negative into a more calming presence and creating should you wish a pathway or a portal even to a different plane.

Most of the time it goes rather smoothingly, but l think the build up of negative energy was too great for a simple performance – l think that with the level of pain, stress, anxiety, angers, discomfort, unhappiness and illness has just built up too high. Suze and l have not been at loggerheads or anything of that kin, but like many other households around the world today, our lives are embroiled in a daily stress and conflict with life.

I have had pain for most of this year with a neck and shoulder injury, never mind other small unpleasantries with regards health, whilst l am not depressed, my physival inactivity and almost redundancy has placed more stress upon Suze who is working in a job where she encounters stress of almost volcanic proprtions almost daily. Sleep stress is very high, in both of our bedrooms. Suze has been losing sleep for months, and l waver inbetween acute insomnia or the drudgery of night owlship. Suze is post menopausal which brings with it a myriad of health and mental problems. Money is always tight and most people can relate to worrying about their finances at one point of their lives to the point of disruption. We had the stress of Scrappy and her ailments and of her ageing process and the list goes on, so hardly surprising that the energy has been leaning more on the negative side.

So a smudging was in order. It went well ‘ish, l identified four main areas of distress, my desk, my bedroom, the hallway which l swear sits on some kind of ley line as is and Suze’s bedroom, where upon with the latter l found a lot of very negative energy strongly suggesting that Suze is very stressed and filled with anxiousness.

She suffers from SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder and this brings her positive levels down very quickly, and SAD like Asperger’s as we get older can get worse. She is also missing her grandchildren terribly, and much more so since they moved to Australia with her daughter. She is worried about being in Australia in November because of my own physical health and lest none of us forget the damnations of a dying Father who has introduced a serious amount of emotional stress into the household.

The smudging cleansed all parts of the house with the exception of her bedroom, and more importantly if anything many hours after the actual ritual cleansing the scent in that space became more aggressive and heavily laden. That’s not happened before, usually the smell evaporates within a few hours and yet sitting here typing nearly 24 hours later and l can smell the stench from that space. Windows open, lavendars burning and still the space scent lingers. Her bedding had to be rewashed having just been done on the weekend just gone, and she text me this morning to say the smell lingers on her clothing that was fresh out of the wardrobe only this morning. It’s like it is reacting with the air now.

Smudging yesterday in her room, and l came across a few shadowy presences which l sought to dispel, and yet later last night l encountered a shadowy cold presence in the hallway again.

A smudging gone wrong perhaps, it’s not oft heard of. However, l ordered a new smudge stick, as the strangest of events happened yesterday when once done, l went to extinguish the stick from simply smouldering and it burst into flames and is now nothing. Perhaps it was too dry? I don’t know, l will think on this and have a view of resmudging with the new stick maybe tomorrow.

Last night we walked into the areas with a pendulum and found that much of the negative energy was still present which was strange also. Also l identified that her dreamcatcher was negative, l think that needs changing as well, no longer are the gems protecting her and that explains the renewed nightmares she has been having.

I will be examining this more closely today and try to to find some natural remedies that may help alleviate the energy levels in this house. As l say, time will tell, it always does.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 10.11 – 16/10/18

  1. Wow that sounds rather intense. With regards to SAD (I also suffer from it) I use two methods to help me combat it: An increased dose of Vitamin D (upwards of up to 10000 mg/day) and a blue light. It is a small light that you sit on a table where it bathes you (must be able to get into eyes without staring at it) and find that it has helped considerably. It is actually available on Amazon. I hope that you are able to cleanse her room again soon as it sounds like a terrible situation for both of you to be in.

  2. Hey Jay-lyn, yes Suze uses both of your suggestions, however as a fellow sufferer you will also know that it doesn’t always cut it. we are currently heading into Winter here, and not far from November and that being Suze’s worst month next to February.

    As to the other issue, that will require a bit more hands on l feel.

  3. I found all this fascinating. I’m very interested in these ideas. There’s more on Earth than meets the eye and I’ve had enough ‘impossible’ occurrences to have a very healthy respect for the spiritual

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