Creepy Day All



Creepy Day everyone – well here we are on the 16th October 2018 – for the next 15 days till the 31st October – Halloween is upon us – Monster Mash Halloween Bash Greetings to y’all!


Today there will be more spookie’s galore and challenges for all, always expect the unexpected and have fun!

Ravenous Rory & Spooky Doodlepip

Eerie Facts!

It Rubs The Lotion on the Skin

Remember the creepy serial killer called Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs? Well, he is based on a real-life murderer named Gary Heidnik. In the 1980’s, he lured prostitutes into the basement of his home in Philadelphia and kept them chained together in an underground pit. He would play loud heavy metal music while torturing, raping, and murdering women, until he was finally caught. He went to jail and was executed in 1999.

Warrior’s Blood

In ancient Rome, some people believed that if they drank fresh, warm blood from a fallen Gladiator, they would absorb their power. They also believed that drinking blood cured epilepsy.

Memento Mori

In Victorian England, middle class people could not afford to hire artists to paint portraits of their families. So, when photography became popular, people decided to get family photos done. However, if someone died, and the family didn’t have a chance to get the photo done yet, they would prop up the dead body and take the family photo anyway.

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