M.M.H.B Challenge – Mystery – Guessed




An easy one to get you into the spirit of things!

Can you guess who this is with our 10 facts alone? There are three answers although l am looking for the exact answer first and then the secondary should you wish to provide them.


I was published in 1897

Ah the Carpathians, breathtaking!

In reflection, no!

I do so like a good pulse!

Some say l was inspired by a nightmare, which l think is cheesy!

I won an Oscar in 1992

Sherlock Holmes and l, sort of run head to head!

It is suggested that l am nearly five centuries old!

1931 is considered an absolute classic!

I love the dark side!

17 thoughts on “M.M.H.B Challenge – Mystery – Guessed

  1. Okay, you got me…many of the clues also suggest Dorian Gray except that was published in 1890. But what is really stumping me is winning the oscar in 1992 (that was Silence of the Lambs, T2, and Beauty and the Beast). Either way…you stumped me on this one. Great job!

        1. Finally the exact answer – yes The answer is Dracula – the answer to all the questions is Dracula – – each of these clues is accurate apart from just 1. The film was 1992, the Oscar was awarded in 1993 🙂

  2. My answer is Count Vladimir Dracula for the one with no reflection, likes or loves pulses, doesn’t tan etc etc… 😉 (Based on an actual nobleman from some century or other — Count Vladimir the Impaler…

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