The Monster Mash Halloween Bash Challenge – 15th October – 31st October 2018


Monster Mash Halloween Bash Challenge

To celebrate Halloween and the month of creepy – the next Snifty Challenge will begin on the 15th October 2018 and run for 16 days till the 31st October!


Starts Monday 15th October 2018


16 Days worth of challenge for our new competition. Ideal for those who are inspired by the creepy time of the year, quizzes, writing challenges, a bit of hocus pocus in the fun tasks, some charades, treasure hunting for Trick’n’Treat’, some costumes is so far as ‘role playing’ for those devils amongst you who like to go that little bit further. More importantly for the imaginations that have that spark of BUMP in the Night panache we seek writers and poets alike who will look to take part in the ‘spooky tales’. But it’s not all doom and gloomy, we have other combinations for those who like to cook up that special dish of the day and love a quality recipe to boot!

There are many, many challenges, and remember it’s all about fun, you don’t need to chase the Halloween Basher Title to have fun, just join in.

You will need to use the links provided for this challenge as there are certain elements that require you to familiarise yourself with specific Halloween orientated icons that will be displayed during the 16 days.

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Spooky Tales

See Link

From the 15th to the 31st October [16 days] a total of 24 posts will be made displaying a series of words. Some days, there will only be one word prompts, whilst others there will be 2 – 3 prompts. Your tales of spookiness should incorporate these words. It is up to you whether you choose to write a story, tale or a poem. The style is down to your imagination – it can be creepy, mysterious, comical, drama or whatever you please, but it must be centering on Halloween.


Role Playing

See Link

For the title of Grand Monster Mash Halloween Basher

In order to be considered for the Basher Title you will need to write a story, tale or poem under the guise of the minimum of 12 of these character roles over the course of the 16 days challenge using the word/words of the day.


Trick n Treat

See Link

For the title of Grand Monster Mash Halloween Basher

During the 16 days, there will be duplicates of the images scattered throughout the posts, your task as Halloween Treasure Hunter is to collect a full set of the individual 11 and keep a note of the posts they appear within. There might be 20 posts with these icons, but you only want to keep the posts that display a single picture of each, so you can collect the set of 11.


Halloween Charades

See Link For Example

For the title of Grand Monster Mash Halloween Basher

Could you name a film with only a couple of images?


Halloween Recipe Challenges

Well this is the secret dish slot, and you will have to watch out for this because this is going to seperate the Kittens from the Tigers! Are you one of those ‘chefs’ that can knock up a dish of sushi for 20 zombies from a discarded pumpkin or something more ……….. meaty?!

These challenges will be for all to take part in and require a real ghoulish imagination or do l mean goulash?


Halloween Mystery Challenges

Always expect the unexpected, there will be many, many challenges not just the ones listed – your goal is to do as many as you can!



For this particular challenge there will be two distinct winners .

A Titled Grand Monster Mash Halloween Basher and a Halloween Challenger Winner.

To qualify as the Grand Monster Mash Halloween Basher the entrant will need to complete the following tasks:

1] Complete 12 of the Story Tasks in a Role Playing Manner

2] Collect the full set of 11 individual Halloween icons throughout the challenge period and make a note of the posts they are displayed in so as to be awarded the title of Halloween Treasure hunter.

3] Complete the 16 Halloween Charades Clues

To qualify for the Halloween Challenger winning circle you are to complete as many of the story tasks and seperate challenges as you can in the most entertaining way possible. Should you wish to write under the guise of a role playing character you can also do so but you do not have to achieve 12.

All entrants will be graded on their imagination and contribution towards the overall challenge period of 16 days.




Grand Monster Mash Halloween Basher

A £10 Amazon Voucher

Complete 4 set of Snifty Scented Pens

Halloween Challenger Winners

Gold Winners [1] – Complete 4 Set of Snifty Scented pens

Silver Winners [2] –  Set of 3 Snifty Scented pens

Bronze Winners [2] – Set of 2 Snifty Scented pens


Challenge Dates

15th October 2018    16th October 2018    17th October 2018

18th October 2018    19th October 2018    20th October 2018

21st October 2018    22nd October 2018    23rd october 2018

24th October 2018    25th October 2018    26th October 2018

 27th October 2018    28th October 2018    28th October 2018   

29th October 2018   29th October 2018  30th October 2018

30th October 2018   30th October 2018  31st October 2018 

31st October 2018   31st October 2018   31st October 2018



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    1. Hey Rugby, well after just reading your brilliant Halloween orientated poem, l feel sure there will be plenty for you to join in with. I have spent today writing up and creating and post dating the first day’s challenges for Monday 🙂

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