Guess The Blogger! Guessed


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Guess The Blogger!

Can you guess our mystery blogger?

Who is It?

20 Random Facts Are Your Only Clues … please submit your guesses in the comment section below.

Your answers need to include Blog Name and Link and Name or Avatar Name of the Blogger themselves and include the clues that helped you solve the riddle.

So Far we have had 11 bloggers successfully guessed – see the directory!

If you too would like to play, then send me an email to complete with 25 random facts about you and your blog, try not to make them too easy and don’t be afraid to make some cryptic. [I will also muddle them around as well]


But who is this below?

Seriously, you DON’T know who this is? I even included a picture?

 New Clues

I Love the colour red

Despite being a hunter, l despise  hunting!

I write from the heart.

I love the purr of a great engine!

I delve into both the beauty of life as well as the seediness.

Poetry to me is a gift of the senses!

I am an advocate for homelessness.

I have published a book of poetry.

You gotta have heart to be positive.

I am not a Trump supporter or in favour of any of his ruinous ways!

Laughter is indeed one of the beauties of life as are those gifted with the ability to make others laugh!

My heart’s afire.

Of nature and love are my passions.

I am a published poet.

In fond memory of a friend l lost to addiction l now honour his Ditties to keep his words alive.

My blog is eight years old this year

I love the beach and the Atlantic ocean.

I easily decorate Christmas!

There will forever be something wild about me.


Who is this above?

I am

House of Heart

Holly Rene Hunter

Guessed by Mel Finch of Crushed Caramel

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            1. I am astonished Britchy you are one of the prime Guessers and you will kick yourself if you don’t get this, but in saving grace you have of course been away … 🙂

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