Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – Funny Cats and a Joke…..

So, so, so funny!

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I am not unaware that last week I focused on the canines in our families.. This week I will redress the balance and feature those lovable and sometimes confucious cats!

The Hypnocat

And now for the cat joke……

Four men were bragging about how smart their cats are. The first man was an Engineer, the second man was an Accountant, the third man was a Chemist, the fourth was a Government Worker.

To show off, the Engineer called to his cat. “T-square, do your stuff.” T-square pranced over to a desk, took out some paper and a pen and promptly drew a circle, a square, and a triangle.

Everyone agreed that was pretty smart.

But the Accountant said his cat could do better. He called his cat and said, “Spreadsheet, do your stuff.” Spreadsheet went out into the kitchen and returned with a dozen cookies. He divided them into 4…

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