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Daily Topic Subject – Fashionista!

Twenty plus years ago, these questions would have been answered in a very different manner, for back then style was everything, whilst now style is what?

Q1] How important is colour in your life?

There was a time in my younger years when colour meant everything, and by this l refer to my time in the fashion retail industry – where upon ‘colour was everything’ it spoke volumes to not just the people around you, but to you to, if you knew how to interpret the hidden meaning in the colour swatch. These days not so much, and it is not that colour is unimportant, but for the sake of the daily topic “Fashionista” colour is not as important as it used to be. But to the question of colour as a general answer – without colour in our lives, what a sad drab world we would live in. If everything was grey or sepia only, we would all start to decline very quickly indeed. How important is colour in my life – oh very much so.

Q2] What is your most favourite colour to wear?

I have always loved vibrant colours, and of those, l adore the boldness of red and the vibrancy of yellow. But it is reflective upon the weather, my mood and the seasons and of course, practicality. So these days l tend to wear more sombre colours with splashes of colour underneath – so l might wear beige trousers and a marl grey top, but my tee shirt will be vibrant for smart wear, and blue and vibrant colours for casual wear.

Q3] Is there a colour that you wear that brings the best out in you and in others – in so far as compliments?

Yes, people have said that certain greens and greens bring out my best features, but equally l am quite autumnal in my overall dress codes these days, because it is calming to me and that of course ensures l have less stress.

Q4] Are you a person who likes to overdress for the day or are you a follower of the credo, less is more?

Most days l now wear what is based upon comfort, so joggers and sweats and tees. In days gone, l would often strike a pose as a Dandy and so would dress to impress.

PQ5] What are five of your best items of clothing that you simply couldn’t be without? [and l don’t mean underwear/socks]

My trustee sneakers which although terribly worn, are remarkably comfortable and now totally ME, my bamboo trousers because of the sheer comfort with no seams, my smart walking boots, my reliable Wellington boots and my leather belts.

Q6] Do you dress for the season, as in colour wise, or just throw on whatever is warm and practical?

Those days of being fashionably attired are gone, now it is purely comfortable and practical and warm pending the colder seasons, and is mostly darker colours of blue.

PQ7] If you were going for an evening out and the dress code was ‘smart casual’ what is your ideal outfit and why?

My beige cargoes with a nice quality brown leather belt, a smart short sleeved tee shirt and probably weather pending a nice quality jumper or buttoned cardigan and my smart walking boots. I would wear this ensemble because it relaxes me and keeps me calm and l know that l will not be having to argue with any seams.

Q8] If you were having to attend an important meeting or appointment and the dress code was smart – what would your outfit be then?

Well lol, it would more or less be exactly the same as above, unless it demanded a tie, which is practically unheard of these days. If so, then a dress shirt, my smarter blue cargoes and a black leather belt and my walking boots. Can’t really go wrong with universal classic interchanges.

Q9] How many pairs of shoes do you own, and what is the breakdown [as in casual, smart, evening, leisure]

This is simple, l look after my footwear. I pair smart classic lace up walking boot, in dark brown, one pair of old fashioned sneakers in blue and white, one pair of Wellington boots in green, one pair of rugged comfort Merrils walking boots in black and one pair of crocs.

Q10] Do you have classic clothing, or classic items in your wardrobe that you have had for years and never go out of fashion if so name three?

Well l have Ties and Waistcoats, but l don’t wear them, and whilst they never go out of fashion per se, they are no longer seen as a go to item in today’s casual society, and of course my belts.

Q11] Are you into plain colours, wild colours or outlandish designs or a mixture and which do you favour more?

Plain wild coloured tee shirts, but no designs, although l am not adverse a design on the tee shirts, but paisley or geometric patterning , no not my style.

PQ12] Do you have a favourite quote with regards fashion or design – if so what is it?

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self expression and, above all, attitude.” —Iris Apfel

Q13]  Knee high socks, ankle socks, shin socks or no socks?

Shin socks, l like to know l am wearing a sock.

Q14] Can you see the connection between colour and music and if so does it influence your dress code for the day in any way?

Oh it used to – very much so, when l was working fashion, and music was on all the time. These days, it is pretty much the same clothing day in and day out, boring but reliable.

PQ15] If you are going out somewhere special and want to listen to some music to put you in the mood whilst getting dressed up, what do you listen to? [Provide link please]

Q16] How often do you buy new clothing for the season or the year?

Mostly socks and boxers three times a year. I tend to look after my clothing, and will continue to wear something till it can no longer be worn Clothing is just a covering to me now, it is no longer used in power statements, stylish iconics or romanticism. A new winter coat is now being sought apparently, there is nothing wrong in my eyes with my old winter coat, but Suze says it needs replacing? tee shirts and trousers are only bought if the frays tend to look like affrays!

Q17] Remember tie-dye from the 70’s was it a thing you followed, bought into or worse, how do you feel about it now?

Good grief, couldn’t stand it then, can’t stand it now!

Q18] What is the brightest coloured item of clothing you have in your wardrobes/drawers?

In the wardrobe it would be the waistcoats and the ties which l cannot stand the thought of getting rid of, but next to that, but in the drawers my tee shirts.

Q19] What is the most expensive item of clothing that you have in your wardobe? How often do you actually wear it?


My ties and waistcoats, together and combined they hold a value that is richer than any available currency, they are filled with memories, every one has a story or a tale attached which l plan to start a series next year with, once done, probably then closure and l might sell them into a retro buyers. I have roughly 15 waistcoats and around 70 assorted ties and some of those alone are worth £100 each because of the antiqueness.



PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones?


Q21] Is being ‘fashionable’ important to you, or is being comfortably attired  more so?

Well of course being at the height of fashion is my very air! No, on the realistic side, being comfortably attired is more practical and as my quote suggests, style isn’t really about what you wear, it’s about you.

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