The day I sat by my soul #OctPoWriMo 2018 Day-11

Some questions are better not answered
Some questions don’t have an answer.

Totally, totally worth the read, so please do 🙂

I walk by an abandoned park every day
On my way home
I look at its fractured slides
Mortified trees
Ground carpeted with repugnant blend
Of grass, leaves and trash
Trash casually dumped by neighbors
To detoxify their homes
Wish they could do the same
With their minds too
I see my soul sitting there every day
On an aged lonely bench
Her back facing the world
And I always wondered
What brings her here
And what doesn’t let her go
Today curiosity won
And I went to sit by her
My arm touched hers
And I looked at her
There was a smile
Carved on her face
Her gaze gratified
Yet was searching for something
Sometimes far away on the horizon
Sometimes on her feet
Sometimes in this carcassy place
And yet she was smiling
No regrets..
No trace of sadness
And not bothered by my presence either

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